Creating A Cannibal

Creating a Cannibal is a podcast dedicated to exposing the truth behind the wrongful conviction that left John Ortiz-Kehoe labeled as a monster and sentenced him to die in prison. Now, for the first time, you are about to hear the true story of what happened inside and outside of the courtroom.

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Thursday Jun 15, 2017

John Ortiz-Kehoe takes the witness stand and breaks his silence. Does his version of how Rose Larner died, make more sense?

Monday Jun 05, 2017

Several expert witnesses from the Michigan State Police Crime Lab, detail the evidence they collected from both crime scenes.

Tuesday May 30, 2017

Several jailhouse informants are called to the witness stand and claim that John Ortiz- Kehoe bragged about killing Rose Larner. The illegal tactics, used by detectives to secure their testimonies, are finally exposed.

Saturday May 20, 2017

Family members and friends of Bill Brown are called to the witness stand, as the prosecution tries to build support for Bill Brown's story. However, everyone doesn't agree with the prosecution's theory of who killed Rose Larner.

Wednesday May 10, 2017

Bill Brown continues to frighten the jury, as he reveals the gory aftermath of Rose Larner's murder.

Tuesday May 02, 2017

Suspense builds, as Bill Brown's story unfolds. Will the jury believe his monstrous tale, when Brown stumbles on the specifics of his testimony?

Tuesday Apr 25, 2017

The trial of John Ortiz-Kehoe has begun and both the prosecution and the defense deliver their opening statements to the jury. One by one, the prosecutor calls witnesses to the stand and lays the foundation for his case against John.

Tuesday Apr 25, 2017

The prosecution's star witness, Bill Brown, takes the stand and describes the night leading up to Ms. Larner's death.

Thursday Apr 13, 2017

John Ortiz-Kehoe has been charged with murdering Rose Larner and the local media is stirred into a frenzy by Bill Brown's horrific accusations. As jury selection begins, John's attorney struggles to find jurors who have not been infected by the one sided media coverage.

Saturday Apr 01, 2017

Exactly how did Assistant Prosecutor John Kelsey, intend on moving forward with a case constructed from a two and a half yearlong investigation that he knew nothing about. And how would he convince a jury that a murder even occurred, with no body to perform an autopsy on or physical evidence to prove a cause of death. Those questions and many more will be answered in the following episodes of, Creating a Cannibal

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